We’re not ready to launch yet, but you can follow our progress at https://discord.me/thecruciblemc

Join us at mc.thecruciblemc.net on Java 1.12.2!

  1. Buy Minecraft: Java Edition on the Official Website if you do not have a valid account.
  2. Launch Minecraft. The official current supported versions are
  3. Click on Multiplayer, and then on “Add Server”.
  4. Use TheCrucibleMC for the Server Name field, and mc.thecruciblemc.net in the Server Address field.
  5. Set “Server Resource Packs” to Enabled.
  6. Click Done. When that’s added, you should see our Message of the Day as well as our famous icon. Double click and join the adventure!
  7. If prompted to download the server’s available resource pack, press accept.

Can I play this server if I have Minecraft on a console like Xbox, Playstation or Switch?

Unfortunately, no. This server is only available for Minecraft: Java Edition which runs on PC computers on Windows, MacOS or Linux. It is not possible to join this server on a Minecraft: Bedrock Edition copy of the game.

I joined and the resource pack didn’t load in, or I’m not sure if it applied. How can I fix this?

When you load in, there will be a few seconds where you cannot do anything as the resource pack is loading in and applying itself. For slow computers, this can be quite a noticeable process. If you immediately hopped in with no hesitation on login, the pack may not have applied.
The best way to do a quick check is see if there are any textures that aren’t vanilla textures. We have custom textures for most blocks and items. Your Ghost should look like your Destiny ghost, not something else.
If you didn’t get it applied, here’s a few tricks to get it going:
1. Run /pack in-game. This will attempt to apply the resource pack to you again.
2. Exit the server, click the server listing you made, press Edit, and ensure Server Resource Packs is set to Enabled.
3. Disable any client-side mods you have enabled and switch to a Vanilla client. Customized clients may not work. We recommend a Vanilla installation of Minecraft with Optifine installed.

I added your server’s address and it’s not showing up!

We have a mirror at play.thecruciblemc.net in case the MC subdomain is not working as a backup.
If the main address is not working, the server may be under maintenance, running its nightly reboot, or down. Please check our Discord server for the latest information if something isn’t right.