The Cosmodrome is an abandoned Russian spaceport used during humanity’s Golden Age. It was one of the first invasion points from the Fallen and is now a hotspot of Fallen activity. The majority of powerful Fallen have moved on to other regions of the solar system, leaving the Cosmodrome a great starting area for new Guardians.

Dregs are the lowest-ranking member of Fallen warriors and are on the bottom rung of Fallen civilization. Their low levels and low health make them excellent cannon fodder.

Variants found in the Cosmodrome include:

  • Shock Dagger (Common)
  • Shock Pistol (Uncommon)
  • Axis Dreg (Rare)
  • Greg the Dreg (Unique)

Vandals are higher ranking Dregs promoted after they’ve shown promise. Their bound arms are allowed to open up and are given access to better ranged equipment and more durable armor – allowing them to reach higher levels and be a higher threat to roaming Guardians and other factions. Their high range and low level make this a threat to watch out for, but less serious than Captains. Too many in one area can easily remove an active Guardian from existence.

Variants found in the Cosmodrome include:

  • Shock Rifle (Common)
  • Wire Rifle (Uncommon)
  • Resilient Vandal (Uncommon)
  • Survey Boss (Rare)
  • Elder Vandal (Rare)

The Breach

During the fall of the Golden Age, this was the last line of defense while humanity boarded the Cosmodrome’s vast amount of colony ships to head to other systems. The Breach and areas inside the protective barrier wall are home to many low-level Fallen enemies. This is where you are first revived as a Guardian and make your way to the junked Arcadia-class starship to escape to The Tower.