The Cosmodrome, an abandoned Russian spaceport used during humanity’s Golden Age. During the Collapse, it was one of the first invasion points from the Fallen and is now a hotspot for the House of Devils. With most of the Fallen scattered across the solar system, the area is now scoured by the Ghosts, searching for those with exceptional light to become new Guardians.

Enemies of Humanity

Devil Dreg (Knife Variant)

Dregs are the lowest-ranking members of the Fallen warrior class. Stripped of rank and honor, they lay at the bottom rung of their civilization. Their low levels and low health make them excellent cannon fodder, but never underestimate their strength in numbers.

Variants found in the Cosmodrome include:

  • Shock Dagger Dreg (Common) (Pictured)
  • Shock Pistol Dreg (Common)
  • Reaver Dreg (Uncommon)
  • Greg the Dreg (Unique)
Devil Vandal (Wire Rifle)

Vandals are higher in ranking than Dregs. Promoted after they have proven their worth. They have access to better ranged equipment and more durable armor – allowing them to reach higher levels and be a higher threat to patrolling Guardians and other factions. A large enough force in one area can easily remove an active Guardian from existence.

Variants found in the Cosmodrome include:

  • Shock Rifle Vandal (Common)
  • Wire Rifle Vandal (Uncommon) (Pictured)
  • Reaver Vandal (Uncommon)
  • Stealth Vandal (Uncommon)
  • Randahl (Unique)

Captains are part of the higher ranking Fallen. Charged with leading the lower ranking soldiers, they boast personal energy sheilds and heavier firepower. Their higher levels prove an immediate threat to areas under their control, and should never be underestimated by Guardians.

Variants found in the Cosmodrome include:

  • Shock Rifle Captain (Common)
  • Shrapnel launcher Captain (Common)
  • Shock Sword Captian (Uncommon)
  • Reaver Captain (Uncommon)


The Breach

The main entry point of the Cosmodrome, and the last line of defense for humanity were they once frantically attempted to board the Cosmodrome’s vast amount of colony ships. The Breach leads to other areas inside the protective barrier wall, and is now home to many low-level Fallen enemies. This is where you begin your journey as a freshly reborn Guardian. You must survive long enough for your Ghost to guide you to the last safe city.

The Divide

A heavily contested area, between the Steppes and the Rocketyards. The Fallen occupy the area and will not give it up so easily. With patrolling Guardians often making their way through the sector, expect the Fallen to take drastic measures to keep them away.

The Steppes

Vanguard approved and authorised landing zone. The Steppes are a great place to start on patrol assignments. The Fallen will often scour the area and guard important resources.

The Mothyards

Once a large airfield, now a graveyard of crumbling planes and scrapmetal. The vast area can be home to many higher ranking Fallen, who may occosianlly bring in their scavanging teams for resource gathering. Be on the lookout!

The Rocketyard




The Refinery


Forgotten Shore