The Tower is the main social hub at the Last City on Earth. This is where Guardians will arrive to meet with new players, decrypt engrams, turn in Faction items, visit vendors or collect new Bounties to perform.


The Tower is divided into 5 main areas to explore. When players first arrive they will appear in the Tower Plaza.

Tower Plaza is the main iconic area of the Tower and includes the Vaults, Eververse, and various NPC Vendors. These vendors include the Gunsmith, the Cryptarch, the mail collection area and Xander 99-40.

North of Tower Plaza lies Traveler’s Walk, an area reserved for Iron Banner events. In the original Destiny 1 game, this area was opened up permanently following The Dawning.

Underneath Traveler’s Walk is the Hall of Guardians, an area where Guardians can purchase Crucible and Vanguard gear.

To the left of the Tower Plaza is Tower North, part of the Tower which houses the Speaker and the New Monarchy vendor, Executor Hideo.

On the other side of Tower Plaza is the Hangar where Guardians can meet with Arach Jalaal of Dead Orbit and Lakshmi-2 of the Future War Cult. These faction representatives will take excess resources you have in exchange for Faction Packages and also sell faction-exclusive weapons and armor.

NPC’s and Vendors

Tower Plaza

Banshee-44GunsmithSells weapons and ammo synthesis packs as well as Gunsmith rank-up packages.
Kadi 55-30PostmasterDelivers packages and lost items to Guardians, as well as messages from other Guardians.
Master RahoolCryptarchDecodes Engrams brought to him from Guardians roaming the system.
Tess EverisEververse RepresentativeSells Emotes and other premium items.
Xander 99-40Bounty TrackerPosts available bounties to complete at Patrol areas.
Some Vanilla aspects of NPC’s are not implemented yet, such as the Eververse and lost items system. These are works in progress.

Hall of Guardians

Arcite 99-40Crucible QuartermasterSells Crucible Weapons and resource materials.