The Beginning of a New Server

This project started over 5 years ago as a simple PvP Crucible server with a few working guns, mostly the fancy exotics. People would join, have a few rounds, get a good laugh in and leave. It was a good time for a couple of friends, we had a bit of fun with random Destiny fans, and we all thought it would die off in a few weeks.

Unfortunately for Walrus, I had the bright idea to create Patrol, my favorite part of the entire game of Destiny 1. This is Patrol after I took it too far.

Over the last few months, we’ve been hard at work greasing some much needed gears in the server. We’re updating the backbone from Minecraft version 1.8 to 1.12.2 and introducing mechanics that let players of all future Minecraft versions join in on the action. We’re going to continue through the months until we’re at a state where we feel it’s ready to show off to the world again in proper fashion and function. Over the next few months, we’ll regularly release newsposts and updates on our Discord server detailing the new mechanics, content updates, and builds as we create them. We’re aiming to fully recreate the Destiny 1 experience for PC players, just at a slightly more retro resolution.

Why are you back? Why did you stop in the first place?

We’re a volunteer army of nerds, and life got in the way. We didn’t really have a goal or a vision for the project, just wanted to see how far we could take it. We took it quite far, but technical limitations started piling up and we became burnt out from all the work. We’re happy to have built what we have, but low player count and little thanks for our work caused us to become unhappy with the state of the project. I personally wanted to take a break from it and do something else with my life at the time. After we cooled off and worked on our sister project, Ashes of the Fallen, we decided to get our heads back in the game for round 2.

Why are you only updating it to version 1.12.2? I only play the latest version, as do many others. Will I be able to join?

The short answer is yes. We utilize packet manipulation technology that will allow players from any future version of Minecraft to connect to our server, even though the backend is only 1.12.2. While the new mechanics, mobs, blocks and items will not be used, this allows us to have a great diversity of players who still love to play on older verisons.

Since we’ve turned off the burners on this project and let it simmer, the Minecraft community has been hard at work on the administration side of the game. 1.12.2 is the new defacto standard for Minecraft servers that has replaced 1.8, and updates from 1.13 onward are slow to adopt for the majority of the specialized plugins that we utilize.

Can we get a preview of what you’ve been working on?

Of course! We’ll be putting more updates throughout the process and after launch at our News section as well as in #changelog on our Discord server.

Vault of Glass, Venus

We’ve been incredibly hard at work and continually update our Discord server with news of what’s new and what challenges we’re facing. We’re also looking for new talent to help us along, check us out and visit out #applications channel if you think you can help!

So far, we’ve overcome resource pack application and development automation (seriously cool!), fireteam handling, migrated our entire infrastructure from Shockbyte over to Linode for increased flexibility, had two new articles written about us on PCGamesN and GameRant, and we’re beginning the infancy of our instance generation technology. There will be a dedicated blogpost towards most of these later on.

We’re dedicated towards getting this project sustainably running and at a state we believe is representative of the original Destiny 1 game as implemented by Bungie, to the best of our ability and hitting the maximum abilities that the Minecraft engine allows us. Stay tuned for more blogposts coming soon and drop a message in our Discord if you have any other blogpost suggestions!

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